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Empowered Shop PowerPass

Sale price$497.00 Regular price$2,678.00

 Practically everything under $100 in the Empowered Shop... instantly yours! 

The Empowered Shop PowerPass is your ticket (literally!) to instant access to all workshops, templates, toolboxes, and more, at a ridiculous discount.

We're simplifying how we serve you. The PowerPass gives you 1-year access to practically everything under $100 in the Empowered Shop - that's 106 products (and counting)!

Let's do some math...

✅ 106 products, currently listed at $2,678
⬇️ Discounted to $497
⬇️ 81.44% off
⬇️ $4.68/product ($25.26/product before discount)

Your PowerPass includes NEW products, too!!

The PowerPass also gives you access to all eligible items under $100 that we release in the 365 days following your purchase! Templates, trainings, toolboxes, our famous Quick Win Workshops... they're yours! No additional purchase is necessary! Simply use your unique coupon code at checkout and it'll be 100% off.

➡️ Check out ALL 106 products currently included in the PowerPass here.

🤔 Why "practically" everything? What's the catch?
Good question! We qualify "everything" because if we ever want to offer something that requires our time (like content reviews), and it's under $100, we can't include that in the PowerPass. We can't give away unlimited amounts of our time for a flat fee! We'd be out of business! We also can't include Empowered Shop gift cards in the PowerPass.

🤔 I've bought a lot from you already... can I get a credit for that towards the PowerPass?
No. We've already marked down this collection of products by 81.44%. If you already own most of the 106 products included in the PowerPass, yippee! We love you. You're the MVP. 🏆 It would probably be cheaper for you to just buy what you need individually.

🤔 How do I use the PowerPass? Is it a hassle?
Honestly, it couldn't be easier. 😁 Shortly after you complete your PowerPass purchase, you'll receive an email with your unique coupon code. You'll head to the special PowerPass collection, add anything and everything to your cart, enter your unique code at checkout, and get a BURST of dopamine when you see your total dwindle to $0.00. You'll access your purchases as if you'd paid real money for them. 😏

🤔 Are you offering a payment plan for the PowerPass?
Yep! At checkout, simply choose to pay in installments using ShopPay!

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