Writing Email Copy That Converts Workshop

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If your emails aren't converting, your email copy is the problem.

The words you're reading every day on social media, blogs, and many websites are far less edited than they were 25 years ago.

Yep, our brains are constantly reading bad copy.

In this workshop, Hayley will teach you easy, actionable tips to...

  • Improve your copy,
  • Connect better in your emails, and
  • Get your people to take action!

    In this 60-minute video workshop, you'll learn... 

    • Why most people are so bad at copywriting
    • How writing for web is different than writing for print
    • 3 Core rules for amazing copy
    • Easy tips to write better email campaigns
    • Examples of great emails
    With this Workshop you will get: 
    • 60-minute workshop video
    • Audio recording via a private podcast feed
    Want a jumpstart on your email copy? Add on some of our best email swipe copy!

      This workshop was a live training inside my membership, the Empowered Business Society. It is NOT included in the Empowered Business Lab.

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      This is a digital course. Nothing physical will ship.

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      Writing Email Copy That Converts Workshop

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