Empowered Business Box®


Most toolkits leave you wanting more. The Empowered Business Box is so cohesive that you'll create and sell digital products in no time.

With the Empowered Business Box®, you'll have a proven arsenal of funnel templates, swipe copy, promo graphics, digital product templates, and more to enhance your online business and increase your revenue.

Inside the Empowered Business Box, you'll get 6 of our best-performing toolboxes. Including...

Email List Booster Toolbox

The Email List Booster Toolbox is all you need to brainstorm an amazing opt-in your audience will love AND create it faster than ever. You’ll get several list-building opt-in templates, a brainstorming workbook, and social media templates to promote your new offer to a cold audience.

  • List Booster Brainstormer Google Sheet Spreadsheet
  • 16 Pages of Printable Opt-In Templates for Canva
  • 10 Square & Instagram Story Templates to promote your new opt-in!

One of the best ways to grow your email list is through a free challenge, delivered live OR via email! It's the perfect digital product for your community to take action and see results... and we have everything you need to execute it! This toolbox includes...

  • (1) Opt-in Page Template (Leadpages, Elementor, Preview Link)
  • Challenge Name Generator
  • 4-Page Email Swipe Copy
  • Promo Canva Templates for Feed Posts, Instagram Stories, and Pinterest Pins
Launch a Digital Product with a Flash Sale Toolbox


After you finish your digital product, then what? This toolbox was designed to help you create a digital product AND launch it to your existing audience with a 3-day flash sale! It includes...

  • 15-Page eCourse Template with Video Thumbnail Templates for Canva
  • Product Mock-Up Templates to Professionally Display Your Digital Product
  • Flash Sale Page Template with Assets (Leadpages, Elementor, Preview Link)
  • 3-Sequence Email Swipe Copy to Execute Your Flash Sale
Boost Your Cart Value Toolbox

Why not make more from every purchase?! This toolbox helps you implement order bumps and upsells in your product ladder so you can earn more from every purchase! It includes...

  • Order Bump & Upsell Strategy Guide
  • (1) Upsell Page Template with Assets (Leadpages, Elementor, Preview Link)
  • Thrivecart Checkout Cart Template
  • Product Mockups for Canva to Professionally Display Your Products
  • Order Bump & Upsell Sales Tracker in Google Sheets
Digital Product Extravaganza Toolbox

One of our most successful digital product campaigns was a 5-week event where we released a brand new digital product every week to our audience at a deep discount. The "Digital Product Extravaganza" generated about $30,000 in revenue in 2 months, all with products under $50. This toolbox contains a variety of tools to run your own digital product extravaganza!

  • How to Run Your Own Digital Product Extravaganza Strategy Guide
  • Project Planning Board (Trello and Asana)
  • 5-Tab Planner & Sales Tracker in Google Sheets
  • Extravaganza Hub Page Template (Leadpages, Elementor, Preview Link)
  • 6 Email Swipe Copy Templates to Execute Your Campaign 

12 Days of Giveaways Toolbox

One of the best ways to grow your audience? Empower them with free resources, create relationships, and grow your email list all at the same time! 12 Days of Giveaways is a strategy for a multi-day campaign that can explode your email list growth.

  • Opt-in and Delivery Hub page templates (Leadpages, Elementor, Preview Link)
  • Project Planning Board to Easily Plan and Stay on Track (Trello and Asana)
  • 7-Email Nurture Sequence Swipe Copy to Execute Your Campaign
  • Promo Graphics in Canva for Facebook, Instagram Story, and Pinterest

Each template is fully customizable to your brand colors. You can choose to use the color palette provided or swap out the colors easily for your own brand!


    • 60+ Promo Graphic Canva Templates
    • 31 Pages of Digital Product Canva Templates
    • 20 Pages of Email Swipe Copy
    • 6 Funnel Page Templates
    • 3 Strategy Guides to Build Your Business
    • 3 Planning & Tracking spreadsheets
    • 2 Product Planning Trello/Asana Boards


    • Email List Booster Toolbox: Brainstorm an amazing opt-in and create it at record speeds with beautifully pre-designed templates.
    • Grow Your Email List with a FREE Challenge Toolbox: Generate excitement with the perfect digital product for your community to take action and see results... and grow your email list at the same time!
    • Launch a Digital Product with a Flash Sale Toolbox: Create your digital product with our professionally designed template, then sell it to your existing community the EASY way with a 3-day flash sale!
    • Boost Your Cart Value Toolbox: Generate more revenue on every purchase with our easy resources for utilizing order bumps and upsells for your digital products.
    • Digital Product Extravaganza Toolbox: We tried it and made over $30,000 on digital products under $50... Now all our templates are in YOUR hands!
    • 12 Days of Giveaways Toolbox: Empower your audience with free resources, build relationships, and grow your email list all at the same time! Get your hands on our strategy for a multi-day campaign that can explode your email list growth.
    • Tech Tutorials: Easily use all the templates included in the templates with our tutorials for Leadpages, Elementor, and more.

    The Leadpages template requires a paid Leadpages subscription. The Elementor template can be used with the free version of the Elementor WordPress plugin. The ThriveCart templates require paid ThriveCart license.

    Please note: The Canva templates and Leadpages/Elementor page templates are designed for you to use to create your own digital product. You may not use these templates to resell as templates of your own. Please be sure to read our Canva, Leadpage, and Elementor template terms.

    The remaining assets inside the Box are NOT digital product templates for you to create a product of your own with. They are consumer-facing products meant for you to use for your own business NOT to resell.

    This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Johnna Kirk
    I love this!!

    Another fantastic product from the Empowered Shop! I actually feel empowered by all these resources. Thank you so much. I highly recommend.


    Great product

    Lori Peterson
    Love it!

    There are so many different resources in the empowered business box! I don't even know where to start! -- Yes, I do...I'm doing an email challenge for storyoflori.com!
    Lori Ann Peterson
    Story of Lori (https://storyoflori.com)

    Joy Racicot
    Game Changer!

    This box is jammed pack with time &brainsaving tools to get your next sale, product, or idea out to your people fast and (almost) effortlessly 🎉🎈💕 worth every penny, and then more!


    Great buy

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