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Empowered Business Lab®

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The Empowered Business Lab® is your comprehensive program for validating, creating, launching, and selling digital products.

Learn how to create and sell digital products so you can stop creating endless free content and start creating income from your knowledge and expertise. Inside the Empowered Business Lab, you'll learn how to create a base of loyal fans who can't wait to buy your next thing!

The Empowered Business Lab is comprised of three core pillars to take you from creating to selling digital products:

  • Digital Products That Scale: Learn how to create a digital product that your audience actually WANTS to buy. This isn't just what to do, it's your complete strategy on how to do it.
  • Funnels That Scale: I'll walk you through EXACTLY what the heck a sales funnel is, from the ground up. No matter where you are in your online business journey, you are about to become a sales funnel master!
  • Systems That Scale: I'm taking you behind the scenes with over 50 video tutorials showing you how to build the sales funnel that will sell your digital product profitably.

After completing the Empowered Business Lab, you will have...

✅ Created an amazing digital product you're actually PROUD to share with your audience.

✅ Cultivated an email list of people who are excited and ready to pay you ACTUAL money.

✅ Sold your new digital product using my top 3 highest-converting sales funnel methods.

✅ Had several "a-ha!" moments for your business, allowing you to shatter your biggest business roadblocks.

✅ Spent less time creating free content and spent more time doing revenue-generating activities in your business.

Eliminated the stress of thinking about how you will make money in your business, and have a clear path to move forward.

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Empowered Business Lab - Create and sell digital products
Empowered Business Lab® Sale price$497.00 Regular price$1,997.00

Customer Reviews

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Kathy Rowland
Empowered Business Lab Self-Study

Wow! For several months I thought I knew what I needed to know but I didn't! I'm so glad I jumped in to the 'Lab'. Monica is an excellent teacher and provides so much value in this course. I would recommend this to anyone starting out in product creation or even those who have products and funnels under their belts (like me). Game changer for sure!