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Flash Sale Idea Bank

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1,800+ flash sale ideas at your fingertips?! Yes, please! 

Meet the Flash Sale Idea Bank! Your new BFF that will help you quickly come up with a theme for your next flash sale.

Theming your flash sale helps you more easily write emails, social media posts, and other content to promote your sale.

And now, getting inspired is easy - simply find the date you want to run a flash sale and browse through events! This is a great way to infuse your personality AND a little fun into your business.

This 12-tab spreadsheet includes over 1,800 date-based events. Including...

  • Seasonal themes
  • Movie themes
  • US Holidays
  • Fun Holidays
  • Music themes
  • Famous people's birthdays
  • Sports themes
  • Pop culture themes
  • Book themes
  • Historic date themes
  • A tab to create your own themes!
Flash Sale Idea Bank Spreadsheet - 1800+ ideas for your flash sales
Flash Sale Idea Bank Sale price$17.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Laura Hernandez
What a great tool to use for Flash Sales!

There are more ideas here than I could ever use and the instructions are so easy to understand! I love flash sales, so this makes my life a lot easier when I am trying to think of how to spin them. Thank you!

Michelle Smith
Love it but…

Such great ideas for theming flash sales and emails. I would like to see more variety in the
Music & movie genres. I feel like a lot of the movies and music ideas wouldn’t resonate with my audience which is mainly people of color.