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Loss-Aversion Lead Generating Canva Template

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It's time to create a lead generator that stands out from the noise.

According to*, the pain of losing is twice as powerful as the win of gaining. Simply put, people are twice as driven to NOT lose $10, than to gain $10.

This is called loss aversion, and it's an incredibly important marketing tool! Why?

  1. Hook. Leading with loss incites curiosity and a drive to take action.
  2. Positioning. By pointing how top mistakes and sharing how to fix them, you can position a paid product as a natural next step to solve the problem.
  3. Value. Last but not least, it's a simple way to provide value to your customers. Plus, it's easy to understand!

This easy-to-use Canva template will help you fast-track creating a loss-aversion-based lead-generating PDF you can use to grow your email list.

This template is based off of a freebie we created in 2023 that boasts an 80%+ conversion rate. 🤯

What's included

  • 13-page Canva template
  • 10-minute strategy and walkthrough video

*Source - The Decision Lab.

Please note: The Canva templates templates are designed for you to use to create your own digital product. You may not use these templates to resell as templates of your own. Please be sure to read our Canva template terms.

Loss Aversion Lead Gen Canva Template
Loss-Aversion Lead Generating Canva Template Sale price$17.00

Customer Reviews

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Susan Brandt
Loss-Aversion Lead Generating Canva Template

This template was great. It works well with a new product I am getting ready to launch. Appreciate the video that came along with the template.