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Toolbox: Email List Booster

Sale price$27.00

The cornerstone of any digital product business is an email list. Ready to take yours to the next level?

If it weren't for having a healthy email list, we wouldn't be in business today.

One of the best ways we've found to grow our email list is by offering a highly relevant freebie.

In this Email List Booster Toolbox, you’ll get several freebie templates, a freebie brainstorming workbook, and social media templates to promote your new offer to a cold audience. 


  • List Booster Brainstormer Workbook: Google Sheets spreadsheet will help you come up with new opt-in ideas to grow your email list. Follow the prompts to dive into the heart of your business and help your audience overcome a roadblock.
  • 16 Customizable Freebie Templates: Canva templates jumpstart creating your next freebie.
  • 11 Canva Promo Templates: To promote your opt-in on social media

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Email List Booster Toolbox
Toolbox: Email List Booster Sale price$27.00