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Triple Dip Funnel® Course

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The Ultimate Sales Funnel for Converting Cold Traffic into Loyal Customers!

The Triple Dip Funnel is the most unique formula for converting cold traffic into paying customers... meaning it's perfect whether you already have an audience, or your business is brand new.

Many people preach that it's next to impossible to convert cold traffic into sales, but I've cracked the code!

The Triple Dip Funnel has been a complete game-changer for my own business as well as for my students!

In fact, my students and I have made multi-millions using this exact strategy.

You may be thinking, "Monica, clue me in, what exactly are sales funnels?"

A sales funnel is just a fancy way of saying your customer's buying journey. 

    This course will help take your buyer from knowing nothing about you to buying your product in the easiest way possible.

    The Triple Dip Funnel is the perfect selling solution designed for digital product sellers.


    ✅ Create a uniquely designed sales funnel for your digital products and opt-ins

    ✅ Build your "Know, Like, and Trust" factor with new customers

    ✅ Attract new customers from cold traffic (people who know nothing about you)

    ✅ Have a strategy to make money back on your ad spend

    ✅ Grow an engaged email list full of ideal customers that are interested in what you're selling

    You'll learn the strategy behind WHY this funnel works and WHERE it works best!

    Triple Dip Funnel® Course
    Triple Dip Funnel® Course Sale price$197.00

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    Extremely valuable

    This is a comprehensive approach to marketing that maximizes conversions. Highly recommended!